Starting My Own Company

August 4, 2021

Before starting LootLocker, I spent some time at Avalanche Studios as a Backend Programmer, splitting my time between the Engine Team and The Hunter: Call of the Wild. Then a year and a half as a Senior Backend Engineer at a company in Stockholm called Karma. They’re working to save the plant, one meal at a time.

Karmas mission is a noble cause a it’s a great place to work. I’ve had some of the best time of my career there. Growing tremendously both as a person and a developer.

However, in April 2020, the time to start my own company had come.

Introducing LootLocker


At LootLocker, our mission is to enable small and indie game developers to create the best game experiences for their customers.

In short, this means we strive to provide the developers with the tools they to need build, ship and run their games.

The Story of LootLocker

LootLocker started out as an internal tool at my previous job at Poppermost Productions, where we were creating the open wold skiing and snowboarding game, SNOW.

Alexander, my then boss and now co-founder, hired me to create a backend for SNOW, but told me to keep other games in mind for the future. So as our backend grew, we implemented features thinking of not just SNOW, but also other games, which resulted in a very flexible system, that can still deliver common features such as leaderboards, platform integrations, a mission system and so forth.

Today we have a handful of games live on the platform, and a good amount of games in development integrating our SDK’s, and trying out our systems.

If you’re curious about LootLocker, nothing explains it better than our website, where you can also create a free account.